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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Tricks Handle Your Phone when Traveling

1. The first thing you need to do is download a travel app like Hopper, Kayak or NobelApp. This app shows the best deal going around the place you visit including cab fares, hotel rents and flight fares. Some apps like NobelApp also provide promotional deals which makes your travel quite cheap.

2. Using your phone is a necessity while travelling and it can drain your battery very quickly. It may not be possible for you find a charging point and you may miss out on important opportunities for a long time. To counter this problem, you must always carry an extra set of batteries and a power bank which can keep your phone charged on the go, and you won’t have to rue over lost chances.

3. When you travel to a different place calling home could be very expensive. Always carry an international calling card like Nobel Phone Cards to get over the situation. It makes you calls cheap and provides quality reception even if you are travelling outside your home network.

4. Try to get a Local SIM card to avoid high expenditure on you roaming SIM card. You can get a lot of offers on the local SIM cards which can make your travel less expensive.

5. Always carry extra memory cards for storing the photos and movies you have clicked so that you don’t have to compromise on the memories of the most pleasant moments

Travelling also makes you vulnerable to a huge expense and the security of your belongings in a foreign land. You must always look for appropriate travel insurance and include your gadgets in it to avoid any mishaps. After all you didn’t go for a vacation just to return with distress and disappointment.

Some Reasons you must Travelling


It is a pretty obvious idea that when you travel, you are bound to meet new people. Where it gets interesting, is when you meet new people and make them your friends or even just friendly acquaintences. Even for those socially awkward travellers, it is not as difficult as you may think. Whatever the relationship maybe, you are automatically connected to another part of the world, just like that! For those who are on a vacation but still have business on their mind, this is one more reason why they should be travelling. Needless to say, you make connections with people, you make connections with places!

Gaining More Knowledge

For the Indians out there, whether you travel in India or anywhere around the world, there is always something to learn. Even if you are travelling to the same place for the second, third or even the fourth time, you just cannot learn enough about the location. Even if you are learning the roadways by driving in your rental car, there is still more knowledge that you can gain. Who knows, you may even learn a new language or pick up some culture as a souvenir!


Now, you may think that you don’t need any “self-realization” because you already know who you are, what you love and what you do for a living. So why is self-realization actually important? It is important for those who are struggling in their day to day life to find themselves, who they really are and what they want to be. This may sound like something a kid may find on a vacation. You may be surprised to see how many grown-ups have this experience too! All they need is a chance to spend some time at their dream location. After that, let life to do its job for you!

Unveiling the Traveller Inside

‘A Traveller’ is not the tag given to a person who just travels everywhere all the time. The phrase is a definition of a person who loves to travel, who wants to get in touch with every corner of the world, experience every core culture and keep each experience as a memory for stories to be told. If you think this can be you, even a single travel experience can unveil the traveller inside you. Maybe if you manage to get more travel memories, you may have every ‘once upon a time…’ as your own story!

Holiday of Lifetime

Proven Reputation

It is essential to verify everything is in order when you turn to luxury holiday planner services. They should have a proven reputation for you to verify they know what they are doing and they will get everything in motion. They should have 24/7 access so if something isn’t going according to the plans, you have a means to get in touch with them.

Avoid working with unknown entities or those with terrible reviews. You are leaving it all up to luck that luxury holiday planner is going to help you out and make your travels exciting and enjoyable. If you aren’t careful, they could cost you plenty more than you had anticipated. They can also turn into a nightmare so do your homework and find an excellent provider to work with.


You may be thinking you would love to have such an adventure but you can’t afford it. You may assume it costs too much to hire a luxury holiday planner to get it all done for you. The good news is you can afford to travel to unique locations and popular destinations. You can get all the perks too and yet you can also save money.

It is often going to cost you far less to hire a luxury holiday planner to take care of it than it would be to plan all of that on your own. They have access to package deals, discounts, and upgrades that you don’t. Why pay full price for everything when they can get it for you and in the end, it will cost you less?

Where do you want to go?

It doesn’t hurt to talk to them and discuss where you want to go and what you want to do. They can share with you the possible options, pricing, and more. If you give them some of your time, they can help to customise the perfect travel plans for you. It doesn’t matter if you are going alone, with a romantic partner, or your entire family.

Working with a luxury holiday planner gives you a chance to get out there and see the world. It also gives you time to relax, enjoy life, and to help our mind and body get back in sync. You may not realise the stress on your shoulders or how rushed you have been until you have that much needed downtime to relax and unwind.

Business Travelers Desires

“No longer seen as lost time or a career inconvenience, business travel is increasingly seen as an opportunity to expand horizons, find inspiration, and progress in a career,” proclaimed director of product development of Booking dot-com, Ripsy Bandourian. “Today’s laptop and latte breed of employee is increasingly mobile and fluid with their travel plans, looking to strike a balance between business and leisure travel.”

When it comes to corporate travel, it is essential to be reminded of the most popular modern business destinations, which are generally located in Asia. Business travel bookings in the region saw a sharp increase over the past 12 months with Shanghai as the unquestioned leader, Tokyo taking second place, followed by Bangkok and Guangzhou.

New York was in fifth place (the only U.S. destination on the list) followed by Budapest, Singapore, Hong Kong, Prague, and Amsterdam.

In fact, only two of these business destinations boast highly convenient transit times between airport and hotel. Booking dot-com reports that Singapore Changi Airport has the fastest transit time from airplane to city center accommodations, approximately 45 minutes, which is not a lot. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport also showed nice efficiency, ranking third with about 54 minutes.

Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport, Madrid Barajas Airport, and Berlin Tegel Airport completed the top five airports on the list. Their times range from 49 minutes to 60 minutes.

Prompter transit times give travelers more free time for rest and exploration of a destination – something a majority of road warriors strive to do, with 62 percent indicating that they want to do as many activities as possible when visiting a new location.