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I Never Want to Leave Hawaii

When my husband told me to look up the name of Hawaii Big Island last year, I had no idea why but I did it anyway. When I saw the different pictures of this gorgeous part of Hawaii, I knew why he wanted me to see it. He had told me that he had something really special planned for our anniversary, and taking me to Hawaii was it. When I found out that it was not just me though, I got even more excited. He had also arranged it so my three younger sisters and my parents could be there with us.

My sisters are all single, and my parents are retired. I knew that it would have been fairly easy for him to work out the dates where we could all be there together. I know a lot of people think anniversaries are supposed to be romantic and involve just the two people, but we are together more than most couples are. We find romance in every day, so having my family there with me in a location that is just like paradise was definitely the best gift he could give me.

He gave me the site that he used to rent the luxury home, and I was able to see all of the details of it. I have never seen such a beautiful rental home, and we have been in quite a few since we take at least two vacations a year. This one is just perfect, and my sisters and folks agreed that it was paradise. Between the pool, the sauna, the gorgeous views, the lazy afternoons in the lawn hammocks, and everything else that this home has, none of us wanted to leave. Maybe one day I will live there but until I do, I plan on going back at least once every year or so!