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Business Travelers Desires

“No longer seen as lost time or a career inconvenience, business travel is increasingly seen as an opportunity to expand horizons, find inspiration, and progress in a career,” proclaimed director of product development of Booking dot-com, Ripsy Bandourian. “Today’s laptop and latte breed of employee is increasingly mobile and fluid with their travel plans, looking to strike a balance between business and leisure travel.”

When it comes to corporate travel, it is essential to be reminded of the most popular modern business destinations, which are generally located in Asia. Business travel bookings in the region saw a sharp increase over the past 12 months with Shanghai as the unquestioned leader, Tokyo taking second place, followed by Bangkok and Guangzhou.

New York was in fifth place (the only U.S. destination on the list) followed by Budapest, Singapore, Hong Kong, Prague, and Amsterdam.

In fact, only two of these business destinations boast highly convenient transit times between airport and hotel. Booking dot-com reports that Singapore Changi Airport has the fastest transit time from airplane to city center accommodations, approximately 45 minutes, which is not a lot. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport also showed nice